Authorised Taxi Fare List

Authorised taxi fare
Kota Bharu airport/ town
60 (from airport will be 78)
Kuala Terengganu Airport
Rantau Panjang (Thai border)
Merang (to Redang island)
Marang (to Kapas/ Gemia island)
Tanah Merah/ wakaf bharu(train station)
Jertih town
*prices will be different for mini van transfer (shared/charter)
*Use the table as references purpose only
*Prices might changed depending on the local authority 
Prices shown are for the taxi service only excludes the buses, mini van & private car. the maximum passenger allowed per taxi is 4.

Sharing a cab is common in Malaysia, it may affect the waiting times but usually everybody will be informed in advanced.
Local taxi only accept cash in kuala Besut, Uber & Grab is not widely available in Kuala Besut but worth a try from your apps.
Charging more on foreigners is not allowed and against the regulation, please make a report to tourism offices throughout Malaysia.
English is basic, good to get local translation before using the taxi services.
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