Marine debris Ranger

O I SEA diving academy Tioman Island & Scubamy Perhentian Island making another progress by providing the mesh bag in all our BCD's pocket, now not just the dive pro, but every divers will be part of the marine debris fighters. We always believe more is better, so everyone is welcome to join the effort at anytime.

Meshbag for marine Debris- EveryDIVE

Fishing net damaged the coral reef
Plastic packaging threw to the ocean floor
Together we care of our ocean
Lifting the marine debris using reel & meshbag

Marine debris fighter’s event (2018)
Fees (MYR)
During the dive
Every Wednesday
Independent’s day
19th April
Combined with coral gardener workshop

Starting Mac 2108, we will have the weekly beach clean up on every Wednesday, underwater cleanup from all the dives, collect & report, sharing information and updates.

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