Redang & Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah Beach
Redang Marine park

Redang Island is located about 50mins by speed boat from Perhentian island, and it is famous for its crystal clear waters & white sandy beaches. Redang has a more upmarket image compare to all neighbouring island, as almost all accommodation on the island is resort-based. We do offer Weekly island hoping & snorkeling at only MYR120/person with minimun of 8person required. Diving trip can be arranged as well.
Lang Tengah island is located approximately 40km from Kuala Terenganu, and only about 30mins from perhentian island. We do offer weekly day trip to Lang Tengah island hoping and snorkeling at only MYR90/person with minimun of 6person required. However, charter a boat is possible at about MYR500/boat(small boat).
With the location is in between Perhentian and Redang, it is also possible to combine 2 island day trip in one day. we do start to depart at about 9am from Perhentian, and the trip usually ended at about 1600pm reached Perhentian again. Here is the itinerary for references:
0900- Depart to Redang Island
0950- Snorkeling house reef baby shark
1050- Redang walk
1130- Redang Marine park
1300- Lunch (packed lunch)
1430- Lang Tengah Island & snorkeling
1600- Shower at Air Berani (Cool & Refreshing Water)
*for reference only. the trip might changed without prior notice.

Redang & Lang Tengah
Minimun Paxs
Redang Island snorkelling day trip
Lang Tengah snorkelling day trip
Redang + Lang Tengah snorkelling day trip
Redang dive trip (2dives)
Redang dive trip (3dives)
Lang Tengah + Redang dive trip (3dives)

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