The Shark Friend

I am a Shark Friend

As a new concept of conservation, the Shark Friend program will be focusing on research to attract sharks and promote Shark as a medium that able to contribute to our societies, which mean that shark programs will generate the funding for the needy.
The key to protecting sharks is not to enact heavy laws or start wars, but to create awareness through long term and integrative education and provide eco-tourism economic benefit to the locals.

Support Our Conservation Efforts

  • Clear all misperception and fear of sharks 
  • Exposing the importance of shark in our ecosystem
  • Stop the threat-marine debris
  • Record and report shark population from your local area
  • Assisting in shark rehabilitation by sharing information

Funding Us by Participating in Our Programs

Join our activities for fun and the money you paid will be donated to our fund after covering the cost.
Currently we are offering the following programs on perhentian Island, Malaysia.
I’m Shark Friend
Shark Friend trainer
The shark friend activity manual
Mac-Oct every year
Program duration
Available daily, up to a month for research purpose
Shark point, and Perhentian island in general
Age Req.
Advanced diver with excellence buoyancy


Presentation topic will cover the entire topic from Introduction, Conservation, Education, Water Skills development, Research & Rehabilitation and action that can be taken.
During this, the local area sharks will be introduced, participant may discuss with their representing instructor/personal about their personal intention.

Water Skill Development

Average depth for research is between 1-10m depending on the visibility, occasionally, a deeper site is required for certain shark species.
Excellence buoyancy skills are required to join this program. Participant that no diving for more than 6 months is required to sign up for scuba review. This is mandatory to avoid ‘you damage more than what you save’.

Research & Discussions

During the water activities, we will be collecting shark sighting data & media materials.
And we'll have a discussion on the shark sighting & data change at the end of the whole program.

MYR1000/3days event

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