Turtle Sanctuary

Perhentian island hosting 4 out of seven species of turtles namely Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill & Olive Ridley. Representing by it Malaysian's name Penyu Belimbing, Penyu Agar, Penyu Karah & Penyu Lipas.

There is a Turtle sanctuary & hatchery centre in Perhentian island, although permit is required to visit this place, the 'on spot' appearance mostly will get the permission to visit too, just need to be there earlier than 1800. 

Beside you may do snorkelling with turtles throughout the season from Mac-Oct. Get close to the turtles, which most likely you will see green turtle, but please, no touching policy applies.

Also, ecoteer running a program called 'save our penyu', our neighbour island Redang is also having a sanctuary for the turtles called SEATRU. Everyone welcome to participate or visit.

Baby turtle

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